Critter Workshop

20th - 26th of May



Kubu Indah Resort proudly presents a unique underwater work-shop: Under the direction of Angela V. Loetscher, owner of underwater photographer, dive reporter, author of marine animal arti-cles and critter expert, you’ll be meeting the weird but wonderful crit-ters of Bali.

In the middle of the coral triangle, finding amazing critters that are on a wish list of many macro-lovers is guaranteed. But what makes these animals so special and how can they be found? Angela’s ex-perience and meticulous and tiresome research has produced some impressive knowledge. During the workshop the participants will learn fascinating things about some of the most cryptic animals and will get some valuable tips on how to find them.

Bali’s Kubu and Tulamben region is known as a macro central and a true critter treasure trove. Divers will encounter the best conditions to find some of the weirdest critters the sea has to offer along the Bali coast – and with great visibility, especially for muck diving.Goal of the workshop will be to introduce the participants to the local marine biodiversity and to give hints on how to find the critters by themselves. The better behavioral understanding will lead to better photography, a more relaxed time spent with the animals and a more sustainable human-animal interaction.




Most of the diving will be done along the Kubu/Tulamben Coast with at least one dive at the famous Liberty Wreck. During 5 days (21 - 25 May), the participants will be introduced to several special marine in-habitants (shrimps, crabs, nudibranchs, slugs, octopus, frog- and other fish). They will learn about unique behavior, habits, lifestyle, feeding behavior, habitats, etc. and get direct tips on how to find them. During the dives, special critters will be targeted, meaning the group will ex-plicitly look for animals discussed ahead (animal, unique information, habitat, how to find it). All finds will be discussed with the help of photographs taken during the dive – also some critters that haven’t been discussed ahead – and yet more information will be given and the critters identified together.

During the first few afternoons, in-depth information on specific animal groups is provided in the form of well-founded documents and special-ist knowledge is imparted. Regular identification exercises are carried out so that the participants learn what they have to pay attention to when identifying a certain animal on the basis of real questions. At select times, the participants can sit together and look at a choice of pictures and any questions will be answered, experiences can be exchanged.

If animals that have not yet been discussed are found, participants will receive important tips on how to easily identify them using books and other resources. What do you pay attention to when identifying a shrimp or nudie? This and more will be explained in the workshop.




The resort has a limited amount of reference books available. The par-ticipants are invited to bring their own reference books to the work-shop, as the local diversity of animals will guarantee they will be put to good use. Some of the critters live at depths exceeding 18 meters which is why a certification of OWD plus Deep Diver or AOWD will be a minimum requirement for participating. All participants must have a diving stick for all dives. Sticks can also be bought at the resort shop. Wearing any kind of gloves is prohibited. No exceptions. Respect the critters. There will be a 5-picture-per-diver-limit for any animal with eyes as they are sensitive and might be damaged through excessive use of flash.




    The workshop will be held in German (if exclusively German-speaking participants) or English, but Angela can also provide additional explana-tions in Italian or French. The documents can be handed out in German or English, regardless of the course language (please indicate when registering).


    6 nights in Garden Bungalow (20 - 26 May 2020), double occupancy, fullboard, free WiFi, free water, transfers from/to Denpasar airport.
    Up to 3 dives a day
    Course fee for 5 days workshop
    € 1195.− per person for double occupancy
    € 240.− surcharge for single occupancy (€ 40.−/night)


    Flights, drinks, excursions, diving courses (Deep Diver, AOWD), rental of diving equipment, diving stick (can be bought in the resort shop), diving insurance (responsibility of the participant, will have to be shown at the resort).